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SACICT Gallery

02 July 2019

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The Support Arts and Crafts International Centre of Thailand (SACICT) is the main organization with the objectives to preserve and promote local arts and crafts for excellent, organize the contests and sale of local arts and crafts products as local wisdom. SACICT is an important gateway that promote marketing and expanding the local arts and crafts products to international markets. SACICT also serves as a center to develop local arts and crafts products in terms of quality standards as well as the images and designs of such products and packaging, including their marketing and expansion activities between sellers and customers, both domestically and internationally.

SACICT provide craftsmanship training and development plans for various product branches, such as Woven Bamboo, Handmade Silk, Silver-Gold crafts (Sukhothai Gold), wood carving, glass blowing, Oil Painting, Porcelain art invention, Gemstone cutting, to strengthen their knowledge and skills to craftsman to make products with wide range of styles in good quality and standards.

Moreover, there are exhibition halls for sharing knowledge, consists of;

SUPPORT Gallery – exhibits and promote Her Majesty Queen Sirikit’s works and her devotions to Thai arts and crafts, and the founding of the SUPPORT centers in four major regions all over Thailand. The exhibitions are divided into 4 regions, Northern, Central, North Eastern, and Southern. Arts and Crafts center of each region which was founded by her royal support. Profit from local products generate more incomes to folks, which is he most recognition of Queen Sirikit’s royal duties that contributed to preserve Thai culture.

SACICT International Craft Gallery – Showcasing Arts and crafts in International level, divided into exhibition and product gallery section, which is accordance with each other and changing their themes annually.

Hall of Fame – present backgrounds, history, and artworks of Thai art masters, craftsmen, artisans that SACICT selected to be honored as inheritance of Thai culture and handicraft every year.

Innovative Craft Gallery - displays the innovative products that show the advance skills of arts and wisdom, integrated with craftsmanship and designs, based on traditional Thai handicrafts. All products are the outcomes of various projects that SACICT actively collaborates with local crafters in developing trendy products by introducing new designs into the traditional craftsmanship. The prototype projects on displays, SACICT has set the developing concept together with designers, Art master, or craftsman in community, by taking into account the crafters’ skills, the current trend and the marketing demand. These projects improve the skills and elevate the standard of the craftworks into the international level.

Suphan-Pat hall consists of 2 major exhibition sections of;

     Gold Gallery – divided into 5 categories, appliance, traditional ornament, Thai accessories, oblation, Thai goldsmith, and contemporary jewelry.

     Textiles Gallery - Gallery exhibits the rare and valuable textiles from SACICT. These garments represent the richness of ethnic textile culture in terms of designs, techniques, and materials in Thailand. i.e. Oriented gold Sarong from the gold texture, The royal silk sarong Teen-jok from Chiang Mai. Tai-krang fabric shellac, Vintage striped sarong.Teen-jok from Chiang Mai. Tai-krang fabric shellac, Vintage striped sarong.


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Organization Museum

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Textiles Gallery


SACICT Gallery

Address And Contact Number

59 Moo 4 Changyai Bang Sai Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya 13290
Telephone : 035-367 054-6 ext. 1289 / 1386
Fax : 035-367 051
Website : http://www.sacict.or.th

Operating hours

open every day, from 08.30-16.00 hrs.

Admission fee

Free of charge

Getting There

By car:

1. Take Highway No.1 (Phaholyothin Rd.) pass Pratunam Phra-In then take exit 32, turn left along with Highway No. 309, heading to Ayutthaya province.

2. Take Bangpa-in – Pak kred/Udorn rathaya express way along route 3309 heading to Pho Tang sub-district, the SACICT is around 1 km. from Chang Yai sub-district Police station.

By Bus: take the Bangkok- Ayutthaya line from North Eastern Transport Station (Mho Chit 2) at Kamphaengpet 2 Rd., service many rounds on every day, with normal and Air-conditioned buses.

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Credit Card


Advanced Booking

For group visits, the permission letter/ call to make reservation is required 3 days in advance.

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