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Get Point

Rewards!! For Museum Thailand fan club. Many member may concern what is the “points” in profile page used for
How to make points? What can we do with the points?
A new feature is the reward for Museum Thailand members.
The members are able to use the collected points to join special activities on Museum Thailand’s website by the condition of Levels

Check the level of points from the link below


  • - All right to increase or decrease points is reserved without notification
  • - All right to adjust points condition is reserved without notification

Levelof throne

New Member +50
Writing review/ comment less than 100 letters +10
Writing review/ comment more than 100 letters +20
Add photo / comment : 1 photo +2
Add information of restaurant /accommodation / museum (approved) +20
Add information of restaurant /accommodation / museum and photo at least 3 photos to gain more points +20
Create the topic in the web board +10
Like +2
Shared +2
Add news / activities / promotion of the museum. (Only Museum member) +20
Add Storytelling +50