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Lean Dai Museum

19 June 2019

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Len Dai Museum is from  the collaboration of communities and social developers (The Elderly Group) . They bring knowledge and wisdom of the elderly to the development of kid  toys( Folk Toys) as a learning resource. Mr.Veerapong Kangwannawakun or Khun Beem is founder and got the support from  Pa Daet Subdistrict Administration Organization to invest the  building and community supports land to be a museum . This museum is for every people of all ages. Inside the museum building ,it is  a community tourism information center, learning resources and production house various kinds of toys including exhibiting .There are  7 cabinets of Folk toys for children come to play and learn. Frist cabinet  "Live animals with imagination" to practice creating imagination with toys and mechanism such as wheels animal toys , running animal toys and pulling animal toys  Second Cabinet Wooden Tops  Boys favorite toys can be rotated by spinning such as Lawo top, Satang top and Saba top .Third Cabinet  "Both Spinning and Flying", exhibits toys that are based on observation and invention, such as Gam Mun and Jan Bin  Forth Cabinet  " Great Somersault " showcasing the somersault jump toys such as AmornthepBar. Fifth Cabinet  "Intelligent training game" presents toys that fun to play till Morning such as Phaya Leom Leng  and Phaya Leom Ngai  . Sixth Cabinet Necklaces and Mobile toys It is thread of  the animal woods  with ropes. Seventh Cabinet "Simulation of way of life in the past It shows the toys that tell the story of life, such as Krokmong, buffalo eating the grasses  and  Sawing the wood . Folk Toys can make an income for the elderly in the community. The museum also has cooperation with the Pa Daet community and surrounding communities to create a learning resource outside the classroom in 6 learning sources.  1. Len Dai Museum : The Elderly Group will  transfer of wisdom by Folk toys and making the relationship between the elderly and children. 2. Conservation of breeding of Beetles and Learning resources for studying the life cycle of the beetle 3. Community Forest Learning Center , It is for learning resources and studying the Forest Conservation  4. Sufficiency economy village : It is  learning resources to study sufficiency life and living according to the sufficiency economy philosophy 5. Textile weaving group, learning about weaving to preserve and promote local fabrics  6. Archaeological site and Doi Wiang Doi Wong Museum ,3,000 year old history learning center


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Lean Dai Museum

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Pa Daet Mae Suai Chiang Rai 57180
Telephone : 0-5370-8070, 089-999-8537

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