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Doi Viang-Doi vong Community Museum

30 April 2019

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Doi Wiang and Doi Wong are  low mountains and  located in Ban Lao Phatthana district, Pa Daet Subdistrict, Mae Suai District, Chiang Rai Province. Doi Wiang and Doi Wong are the ancient community that are considered   archaeological sites in the age range of approximately 5,000 - 3,000 years old. formerly Ban Lao Pattana community is engaged in agriculture, rice farm ,  and orange gardening. Khun Paiboon Somjai, one of the founders Doi Wiang Doi Wong Community Museum told that since  2010, the farmers in the village always found  pottery fragments. They thought that this area might be an archaeological site, similar to the Wiang Ka Long kiln ,archaeological site. Wiang Pa Pao District, Chiang Rai Province . Villagers who are interested in archaeological studies began searching for ancient kilns in the area . The villagers asked "Uncle Wong" or Mr Somporn Ob Un  who found pottery fragments . He brought some of villagers and Khun Paiboon to survey the mountain.  They are all agree that this area should be an archeological area that was used to be  a kiln because the soil color looks different from natural with red clay fragments similar to Terracotta emerges from the soil. Therefore they set the name of Doi Wong , according to the name of Uncle  Wong. For confirmation that  "Doi Wong" is archaeological site . They invited Mr. Sayan Praichanjit ,Archaeologist , to explore the excavation of Doi Wiang and Doi Wong.Villagers gathered to preserve and protect archaeological sites. Create activities for love and cherish archaeological resources in the community including the conservation of the upstream forest, the establishment of the youth guides group ,established a museum that is currently under development of the exhibition display and  gather knowledge, joining tourist networking for traveling  in the Pa Daet community ,join with other community organizations such as Doung Guang Learning Center , Len Dai Museum (Playable museum )to make people more aware of cultural learning resources in Pa Daet Subdistrict .In present day Villagers  have  some problem  about the area of ​​Doi Wiang. Formally villagers believed that this is sacred areas and they have traditional day  in Ghost  every year . They believe that cave in  Doi Wiang has treasures. Villagers could borrow some items for using  in various ceremonies, but must be returned. Later, some people borrowed the goods and not returned. The spirit that preserves the cave closed the cave. No one can  see the treasure in the cave again.  However they  believed that the cave will be opened again by the merit person ,according to such beliefs, the community held a sacrificial ceremony .After the survey of Doi Wiang Doi Wong archaeological site, Doi Wiang area was bought and occupied by the private sector. The villagers could not   do sacrificial ceremony. The villagers therefore solved the problem by arranging a small sacrificial ceremony on the way to Doi Wiang instead because they afraid that disasters will come as their believe , if they do not do the ceremony.  They also built an Instant Buddha image at Doi Wong archaeological site to be worship .


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Doi Viang-Doi vong Community Museum

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Pa Daet Mae Suai Chiang Rai 57180
Telephone : 086-181-8879 คุณไพบูลย์

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