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21 May 2020

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          The museum serves as a cultural attraction and knowledge resource for research and study of cultural and socio-economic aspects of Thailand and the international communities in each period. These stories from the past have continued to the present days through the stories on the coins. The museum is also viewed as the center for coin collectors and those with interest in meeting and exchanging knowledge, information and activities on coins, art, and culture. The place is responsible by the Grand National Treasure Bureau, Treasury Department, the Ministry of Finance.


          In 2015, the Coin Museum launched the opening of its Exhibition Zone 1 on the first floor only, with details as follows:


Permanent exhibition

          This section presents the stories dated back to the beginning of currency or even before the first use of coin. Starting with the overall global description, the exhibition narrows down to the origin of currency from each area and continent before focusing on Thailand's currency. This part consists of Origin of Currency with 4D animation on 360º cave-like screen telling the beginning of humankind's barter system from the pre-historic era to the shift to items and their material improvement once steel was discovered; Story of Currency Evolution with knowledge on the difference of the medium of exchange caused by geographical, environmental, cultural and belief aspects of people around the world, and King Rama IV: Reformer of Thai Coins which illustrates the reformation of trade and monetary system during the reign of King Rama IV, resulted in that coins were used in country for the past 2 centuries.


Temporary exhibition

          This section summarizes the details of 9 exhibition rooms from Phase 2 in the multi-purpose room area, with the purpose to introduce and lead the audience to the stories of international and national currency. It consists of Currency: Traveler of Suvarnabhumi exhibits coins from the Funan, Dvaravati and Srivijaya era which indicates that the coins during the beginning were found in the area that was once a part of the land called “Suvarnabhumi”; Pod Duang (Bullet Money): Wisdom of Thai Ancestors exhibits the replica of various types of money such as bracelet and ring-like coins and other forms that are thought to be the origin of Pod Duang money; Coins in Rattanakosin Era illustrating the King's royal duties in terms of initiating the monetary reform in which He graciously transformed the face of Thai currency by changing from Pod Duang money to coins, as means to keep up with modern countries; International Coin Exhibition with stories of 40 countries told through their coins and Father's Coins with stories of King Rama IX on His royal duties for the country and the Thai people.


Exhibition zone 2 and 3 will be completed in 2016 with these following details:


          Exhibition zone 2 comprises Coin Kingdom Room displaying authentic coins found in the environment of excavation sites and presentation on the projector which revives the period of “Suvarnabhumi”; Beginning of the Thai Kingdom Room presenting the stories of Pod Duang money in each period through the reenactment of ancient markets from Sukhothai, Ayutthaya, Thonburi and early Rattanakosin including currencies from other kingdoms such as Lanna, Lan Xang and from the south; Coins in Rattanakosin Room presenting the prosperity of trade and monetary system leading to the civilized Siam; Coins and the Thai Society with the roles of coins in terms of religion, culture, belief and tradition followed by International Coins, Before Becoming Coins, Everything about Coins and Stories about Coins Rooms.


          Exhibition zone 3 meanwhile consists of Coins of Each Era Room displaying every type of coins produced in the reign of the current King through the giant clock, time tunnel and modern exhibition techniques; Specialized Library of Coins and Activity Room for Audience.


Government Organization

Organization Museum

Important Person/ History /Archeology


Important / Interesting artifacts

          For the 2015 exhibition on the first floor, souvenir coins and medals humbly produced by the Treasury Department for the current monarch are showcased along with international coins with unique innovation such as coin with cheetah's DNA and coin with the ability to scan QR code.


Coin Museum Thailand

Address And Contact Number

Chakrabongse Road Chana Songkhram Khet Phra Nakhon Bangkok 10200
Telephone : 02-282 0818
Fax : 02-282 0819
Website : http://coinmuseum.treasury.go.th
Email : Coinmuseumthailand@gmail.com

Operating hours

From Tuesday to Sunday and public holidays.
(Closed on Monday, New Year Holiday and Songkran Festival)

Official time

Tuesday to Friday  8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Saturday to Sunday and Public Holiday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

We have the session tour every 30 minutes. Visitor can get entrance ticket an information counter.    

Admission fee

Ticket price                        Thai adult and foreigner     50  baht

                Child aged 10 - 18 years     20  baht

Free entry            - Child under 10 years

                - Person aged 60 years up or more with Thai nationality

                - Disabled person

                - Buddhist monk, novice, nun and priest of all religions

Getting There

Bus no. 3, 6, 9, 15, 32, 33, 54, 56, 64 and 65

Proper for General Public


Proper for Children


Credit Card


Advanced Booking

Advanced booking is available. For group visit or filming, a letter of request is

required 7 days in advance.

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