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National Museum Bangkok (Phranakorn)

12 May 2020

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National Museum Bangkok is located in the area of the Boworn Sathan Mongkol Mansion or the 'Front Palace' (Wang Na) which was built in 1887, the same period with the Grand Palace. The mansion had served as a royal residence for 5 prince viceroys, until king Rama V eliminated this position, the mansion was then available. Afterwards, his majesty ordered “the royal museum” at Sala Sahathai Samakhom or the Concordia Hall in the Grand Palace to move of ancient artifacts and antiques to be displayed in the museum.

King Rama VII granted permission to set up all Phra Maha Monthien Palace Group of Boworn Sathan Mongkol Palace to be the national museum for the city and declared as “Phranakorn National Museum” in 1934. The exhibition was divided into topics:

Gallery of Thai History (Gallery of Thai nation history hall, Sivamok Phiman Throne hall) – Discover the history of Thai people, evolution through the pristine periods until the founded of Sukhothai state, important events in histories ranging from Sri Ayudhaya, Thonburi, until the reign of Chakri dynasty of Rattanakosin era.


History of Fine Arts (Gallery of Thai nation history hall, Sivamok Phiman Throne hall) – Masterpieces of Fine Arts exhibit in the inner court of royal Vimanmek Mansion. Display in categories i.e. handicraft; traditional musical instruments, ceramics, clothing and textiles, woodcarving, regalia and weaponry.


History of Thai Art through generations (Art historical exhibition section, archeological, Mahasurasihanart building and “Prapas phipithaphan” the royal museum) exhibit types and evolution of archeological arts in Thailand, Thawarawadi, Srivijaya, ancient idol, Lopburi, Sukhothai, Lanna, Ayudhya, Rattanakosin, money and bank.

The Wang Na historical sites (Archaeological sites, historic buildings inside the museum ) – Exquisite architecture of Rattanakosin such as; Bhutthaisawan Throne Hall formed the front part of Boworn Sathan Mongkhon Palace, the enshrine house of Phra Buddha Si Hing Buddha image, the Red House, Sala Longsong Pavillion, Mangkhala Phisek Pavilion, Patihantasanai Pavillion, Issaretracha Nusorn Hall, the Throne hall of Somdej Phra Pinkhlao (King Rama V), Issaretracha Nusorn Hall, Funeral Royal Chariot Hall, and Ho kaew joss house.



The Department of Fine Arts

Organization Museum

Important Person/ History /Archeology


Important / Interesting artifacts

  • Phra Buddha Si Hing Buddha image,
  • Sukhothai – Lanna Art      
  • The first stone inscription
  • Ganesh, Eastern Java art  
  •  Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, Srivijaya Art


National Museum Bangkok (Phranakorn)

Address And Contact Number

4 Na Phra That Road Phraborommaharatchawang Khet Phra Nakhon Bangkok 10200
Telephone : 02-224 1402 / 02-224 1333
Fax : 02-224 7493
Website : http://www.finearts.go.th/museumbangkok/

Operating hours

Wednesday – Sunday and on public holidays (except new year’s  and Songkran festival day)  from 09.00 - 16.00 hrs.

Admission fee

30 Baht for Thai citizens and  200 Baht for foreigners.

Students, senior citizens older than 60 years old, ICOM ICOMOS members, monks,

novices and priests of other religions are exempted from entrance fee.

Getting There

Bus no. 3 6 9 19 30 33 43 53 59 64 65 70 80 82 91 123 124 201 503 506 507,

Air-conditioned bus no. 3, 6, 7, 38, 39, 80, 82, 91

Airport Shuttle Bus no. 2

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Advanced Booking

For group visits, a letter of request must be made in advance.