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Bank of Thailand Museum, Northern Region

30 April 2019

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Museum information. Bank of Thailand have a policy to promote the region office as a role in social and local economy development.  In addition to the Bank of Thailand has a policy including the dissemination of valuable arts ,culture and local artifacts. Bank of Thailand plays an important role in the conservation of traditional Thai arts and culture, especially the province Chiang Mai, which is the regional office .Chiang Mai has  valuable and unique history, way of life, people, nature over 700 years. For those reasons , The Bank of Thailand therefore joined this precious heritage by establishing at the Bank of Thailand Museum, northern region office, there is now a center of information for both coinage and Tai textiles which is open to the public for the purpose of displaying the value of Thai heritage. It is came out Museum type of ancient coinage and fabrics . In order for the latter generations to realize heritage value of national culture and joined to preserve these valuable things. The Bank of Thailand received the grace of His Majesty Queen Sirikit   proceed open The Bank of Thailand Museum, Northern Region Office on Wednesday 1 March 2000.


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ancient coinage and fabrics 


Bank of Thailand Museum, Northern Region

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Changphueak Mueang Chiang Mai Chiang Mai 50300
Telephone : 0-5393-1182-4
Fax : 0-5393-1185
Website : http://www2.bot.or.th/museum/thai/museum/about.asp
Email : pornsulu@bot.or.th

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