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H.R.H. the Prince Father’s Biography Gallery and Mahidol University Hall of Fame

11 September 2019

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HRH The Price Fathers Biography Gallery. The Price of Moral Goodness who adhered to simplicity and truth. The gallery renders an overall atmosphere of tranquility, appreciation and beauty so as to arouse the visitors’ “understanding and feelingof appreciation for the great deeds of HRH the Prince Father. On the walls are selected words reflecting the princes thoughts and mind . Below them is the exhibition featuring his life and works for the benefits of making which is portrayed through his words, pictures, articles, audio media and exhibits. The suspended sculpted work decorating the centre of the ceiling is designed to form rainbow-colored crystals that glitter in the light. On the floor underneath it is the well of wisdom that symbolically catches the royal stream of compassion flowing from above, like the rain that refreshes the entire land. Mahidol University Hall of Fame focuses on Mahidol Universitys history and achievements with the atmosphere suggesting a land of fertility and abundant crops comparable to outstanding and constant achievements made by the Mahidol community. The exhibition occupies the second floors of the Organizational Culture Bases. The Seven Organizational Culture Bases are equipped with a horizontal VDO system featuring the letters M-A-H-I-D-O-L. Each base represents the specific meaning of the letter (for example, M = Mastery). The seven Organizational Culture Bases are presented Mahidol community who adhere to the values of good culture together. The columns on both sides feature VDO presentation of significant achievements. Exhibition on mezzanine features multimedia presentation such as still and moving pictures, audio media, description and exhibits of the history of the universitys development through different period. Highlight design is the visitors to be able to participate in recounting the history of Mahidol University through computer software.



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H.R.H. the Prince Father’s Biography Gallery and Mahidol University Hall of Fame

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