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Wat Ketkaram Community Museum

14 June 2019

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Wat Gate Khar Rnam Museum is the old temple in Chiang Mai, built in the year 1971, Praya Sam Fang Gan period ,Wat Ket is  on the east bank of the Ping River, was considered an important economic area. At present day, Wat Ket is both a residential area and a cultural tourism area of ​​Chiang Mai city. It was established by local community and  the temple on December 19, 1999. The committee of Wat Ket is responsible for taking care this museum. This museum is used to be a residence of Phrakhru Chai, Silwimol (1886 - 2500), also called "Hong Tue Chao Luang". Usually Mr. Jarin Ben is attendance and welcome all visitors ,but if he is not available, visitors also press the bell to call someone to open the door.  The present abbot also told us that , before  establishing the museum , committee went to see the local museum  at  Wat Rong Meng and  found that Wat Gate Khar Rnam ,having cultural objects that can be exhibited as well. Therefore, they would like to establish a museum to preserve objects that are not used in everyday life now. The most of exhibited objects are from uncle Jarin Ben and Mr.  Anan Rittidet (owner of Huan Ratana Hang Dong) and also have pictures of Chiang Mai in the past ,taken by Mr. Boonserm Satrapai(copy picture with explanations and  English version by Mr . Surapong Phakdee). There are expert person and  Rajabhat University students,Chiang Mai making  exhibit signs with the explanation at walk way area . The first exhibition room Is a wide hall that does not have any wall. Right hand side from the entrance appearing Buddha images and Burmese statues . the abbot said they were donated recently . The left hand side , there are two important types of objects: household appliances and Lanna musical instruments. Most household appliances  are pottery that iare placed along the wooden cabinet . Hanging objects  will be hung. Display is according to the original use.  Having  labels of donor name  and object name. Musical instruments are Lanna musical instruments such as Salo , Seoung, Pu Ja Drum , etc., and Thai musical instruments such as Thai xylophone, gong, etc., Entering the area, there is a "wooden fence" high about the hips as an entrance. Visitors can choose to see a copy of Chiang Mai in the past outside or go through another exhibit building  that there are 3 showrooms. The first room has a lot of antiques objects like inventory . The old  fabrics that are arranged on approximately 3 layers, stacked in glass cabinets.  There are also the old books ,religious related items, glassware, cups, bowl, ceiling fan ,water pump, other contemporary items that are not very old, but have not been used yet.  Second Room  presents a variety of items, like the first room, consisting of old images, Buddha statue, Talat (Burmese fan), Lanna literary books ,many types of  Idols (wood, stone, cement), Chinese dolls, scales, old Music tape and  Music Records. Third Room is  not very wide about 2 * 4 meters. There is a door that separates the area clearly. The room is focused on displaying objects in  fabrics, flags, Kam Pi dragon flag (Scripture Flag), costumes that displayed in the cabinet and stretched on the wall .The paper of exhibited object list is shown on wall which found that most of belonging is related to the king and Lanna


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Wat Ketkaram Community Museum

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Wat Ket Mueang Chiang Mai Chiang Mai 50000
Telephone : 053-204273

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