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Rajamangala Trang Aquarium

21 August 2019

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          Rajamangala Trang Aquarium, a unit under the Natural Resources and Environment Institute, Rajamangala University of Technology, Trang campus, aim to be a resource center for student on fisheries and support academic service for general public. The museum is divided into 3 major exhibition sections, comprised of;


          Exhibition and aquarium of more than 70 tanks, each of capacity 1-50 cubic meter. There are over 300 species of fresh water and marine, both domestic and international, such as Amazon fish, Arowana, Arapaima, seahorses, Pacu fish, Tigers blow fish, and barb fish.


          Animal shows section – administrate shows, and study seal and otter biological efficiency for training and showing. The seal show is currently performed by 5 South African seals.


          Zoo Animal section – the near extinct local animals are collected and breed in the zoo, to study their biology and breeding habits, collect and preserves local animals from the south.


          Moreover, the museum also arrange the activities camp for students such as mangroves study Walking , diving, canoeing, or training such as aquarium decorating, fish farming, water quality measuring.



Organization Museum

Agriculture, Science, Medical, Technology, Lifestyle And Nature.

Important / Interesting artifacts

The Seal and Otter shows


Rajamangala Trang Aquarium

Address And Contact Number

Rajamangala university of technology srivijaya, Trang campus. 179 Moo 3 Mai Fat Sikao Trang 92150
Telephone : 098-016 1076
Fax : 075-204 069
Website : http://nrei.rmutsv.ac.th/th/content/308-1419567977-245-261214#overlay-context=th

Operating hours

Every day from 09.00–17.00 hrs.

The Seal training shows weekdays at 10.30 hrs. and 14.30 hrs.

Weekend and special holidays  at 10.30 hrs. 11.30 hrs.     14.30 hrs. 15.30 hrs.

Admission fee

  • Students 10 Baht
  • University students 20 Baht
  • Thai nationals 30 Baht
  • Foreigners 50 baht

Getting There

  • By car, take route Trang - Sikoa - Pak Meng, Highway no. 4046–4162 approximate 30 kilometers from downtown Trang city.

Proper for General Public


Proper for Children


Credit Card


Advanced Booking

For group visits, a letter of request must be made in advance.

Disability Information



Parking lot is available