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Museum of Inthakhin Muang Kaen Kiln

30 April 2019

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Museum of Inthakhin Muang Kaen Kiln has a history of many hundred years . The ancient community was founded since the Lanna Kingdom since the era of Phaya Mang Rai, occupying Chiang Mai (1801 - 1854). Lanna people  created a culture of civilization, temples, ancient city walls. various constructions, inventing technology, producing fine arts, literature and handicrafts.  They are an archaeological and history evidence as the Thai heritage. This area has a wide lowland. which people call this flat area "Tung Chin Heng" which is implied  this wide flat area says, "If we carry fresh meat pass this area,it  became a dried meat once we arrive other site " From the discovery of ancient , ​​Inthakhin Subdistrict, Mae Taeng District, Chiang Mai Province, it was found that it is the source of ceramic kiln sites, which is the latest source of discovery and study . It  is archaeological evidence and Important history of Thailand . It is   also a large pottery source of Lanna, aged between 500-600 years. The most evidences are the, Light green glazed stoneware / celadon ware and greenish brown glazed stoneware using excellent quality white clay comparable to chinaware crockery Si Satchanalai and crockery produced from Tao Phan, Chiang Rai Province  . It was also found a piece of pre-fired ceramic from white clay which has not been found anywhere  in Thailand . it  is an important archaeological evidence to help to know the process and  production of the Lanna crockery . Inthakin  is an important archaeological site in academic, archaeological and historical of Lanna Kingdom .Because it is the new source of crockery production in the past . The scrap samples from  4 kilns in the upper North area , have never been found, which has been completely beautiful like this place before. Therefore, there is support for conservation and development as a technology education center of Lanna antique crockery production. Inthakhin Muang Kaen Kiln is cultural attractions in the form of Archaeological Site-Museum for interested people to visit and also archaeological survey.


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White clay crockery cutlery which never found in the ancient furnace source anywhere before in Thailand.


Museum of Inthakhin Muang Kaen Kiln

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Intha Khin Mae Taeng Chiang Mai 50150
Telephone : 0-5385-7360 ติดต่อเทศบาลตำบลเมืองแกนพัฒนา

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