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08 February 2019

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What would the world be like without rubber? Where was rubber first discovered and utilised? How did we discover that rubber can erase pencil marks? Why is Thailand the leader of rubber crop production?


Find the answers to these questions at RUBBERLAND, the first and only museum in Thailand that brings together all the wonders of rubber, a key economic crop for the country and a globally coveted resource that reflects the Thai way of life.


“Where there’s rubber, there’s creativity” 


Let’s experience Thailand’s wonders of rubber that combine knowledge and fun through four well-designed rubber zones as follows:   


1. The Plantation 

Explore the plantation to find the secret of rubber that offers a wide variety of attributes through a simulation of rubber plantation using the 3D Projection Mapping. Venture through a large rubber pond with Rubber Gang in the wonderful rubber land.     


2. The Factory 

Let us amaze you with the journey of rubber, starting from retrieving latex to various processing procedures. Rubber Gang, which comes in adorable animated characters, will guide you through rubber factory to review all production stages, right from the start to finishing into everyday items. All products will be tested for quality and attributes before proceeding to market them.    


3. Rubber in Life 

Excite with the simulated model that unveils the anatomy of auto parts from outer structure to the engine. Visitors will enjoy viewing auto parts for which majority of spares are made of para rubber, as well as daily items that are made of para rubber, such as the gigantic shoes in which all visitors can have a try.    


4. Rubber Fantasy 

Take the adventure to an imaginary world created with the concept “when everything is made of bouncy rubber”, where your imagination will run wild from discovering what it feels like if everything is 100% rubber. The zone consists of the following:


Adventure at the jungle: Fantasy Thai forest with abundant tropical plants and wild animals     

Dessert Town: Gigantic models of Thai food, fruit and dessert 


Underwater World: Get amazed with the underwater world that is home to fascinating coral reefs and marine animals  


The World of Inspiration: Marvel at rubber innovations that will endlessly inspire everyone 




Organization Museum

Agriculture, Science, Medical, Technology, Lifestyle And Nature.

Important / Interesting artifacts

The Rubber Fantasy will let visitors enjoy gigantic items made of rubber. Visitors will be amazed by adventuring in the never-ending imaginary world created with the concept “when everything is made of bouncy rubber”. 



Address And Contact Number

42 Moo 9, Sukhumvit Road Nong Prue Bang Lamung Chon Buri 20150
Telephone : 038-413-490–5
Website : http://thairubberland.com
Email : info@thairubberland.com

Operating hours

11 am – 6 pm daily. Ticket counter is open until 5pm. Reservation is recommended.

Admission fee

Adult: Thai 100 Baht, Foreigner 200 Baht

Children with Height 90-135 cm: Thai 60 Baht, Foreigner 100 Baht

Adult from 60 years old and children with less than 90 cm in height: Free 

Getting There

From Rayong, use Sukhumvit Road and head to North Pattaya. Once passing the junction to South Pattaya, Rubberland will be on your left, before the junction that leads to Central Pattaya. 


From Na Kluea Subdistrict, use Sukhumvit Road bound for Rayong, Rubberland will be on your right, opposite to Soi Sukhumvit-Pattaya 63 and diagonally from Caltex Petrol Station.


From Bangkok, use the new Bangkok-Chonburi highway/Highway no.7 and head to Chonburi-Pattaya Road. Once entering Sukhumvit Road, Rubberland will be on the opposite side.  


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Proper for Children


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20 Km distance

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