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Thai Human Imagery Museum

24 May 2019

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A team of creators led by Master Duangkaew Phityakornsilp had come up with the idea to create Thai-style wax figures following Madame Tussauds’ methods. The process, however, had met with several complications, notably the country’s weather with its high temperature and humidity as well as a high level of dust, an unfavorable condition for wax figures which are made from non-lasting material.


Master Duangkaew had spent more than 10 years in researching and experimenting with materials that could replace wax, on the condition that it must be strong and does not compromise the special characteristics of wax figures. He finally managed to build modern wax figures from “fiberglass” with its solid and neat quality that could contribute to the making of the near-perfect wax human figures. Fiberglass also produces a softer touch than wax.


Later, Master Duangkaew succeeded in creating the most human-like wax figure made from fiberglass for the first time. This masterpiece is the wax figure of Prarachsangwara (Luang Pu Toh Intasuwano) of Pradochimplee Temple Bangkok after 3 years in the making. Following the achievement, the creator team all agreed that this work should be promoted as the fiberglass wax figure can bring reputation to the country. In 1984, the team laid out the plan for the fiberglass wax museum project under the name “Thai Human Imagery Museum.” The 2-level-building exhibits these following wax figure sets:

  1. Historical Set – This shows the wax figures of the 8 Kings of the Chakri Dynasty to commemorate Their Majesties’ gloriousness.
  2. Famous Monk Sets – This consists of 17 wax figures of famous Thai monks.
  3. Lifestyle Set – This one comprises the wax figure sets “Playing Thai chess”, “Thai family”, “Watching the News”, “Pretty Secretary” and “Take A Break.”
  4. Famous People Set – This is a special wax figure exhibition dedicated to 3 Thai musical masters and 3 of the world’s famous people.
  5. Rama V and the Abolition of Slavery Set
  6. Sunthorn Phu’s Phra Aphai Mani Set
  7. Thai Children’s Games Set


Currently the Thai Human Imagery Museum exhibits 125 wax figures in total, with more wax sculpture anticipated.



Organization Museum

Lifestyle/ Culture / Tradition / wisdom /Religion


Thai Human Imagery Museum

Address And Contact Number

43/2 Moo 1 Borommaratchachonnani Road (Pinklao-Nakhon Chai Si) Kilometer 31 Khun Kaeo Nakhon Chai Si Nakhon Pathom 73120
Telephone : 034-332 607 / 034-966 839 / 034-332 109 และ 090-404 0304
Fax : 034-332 061
Website : http://www.thaiwaxmuseum.com

Operating hours

Monday to Friday from 09.00-17.30 hrs. Saturday-Sunday and public holidays from 08.30-18.00 hrs.

Admission fee

  • For individual
    • For foreigners, 300 Baht for adults and 150 Baht for children
    • For Thais, 70 Baht for adults and 30 Baht for children (under 130 cm.)
    • 40 Baht for monks and mothers
    • 30 Baht for novices
    • 40 Baht for students (vocational, high vocational, non-formal education or similar and higher education) in uniform
    • 30 Baht for students in uniform (kindergarten to Matthayom 6)

  • For group visitors
    Group visitors with more than 20 people receive 20% discount based on individual entrance fee. For educational institutes with at least 3-day-booking in advance, supervising teachers are exempted from entrance fee at 20:1, meaning that every 20 student means a free entrance fee for one teacher. Other teachers or those accompanying the group pay at the 20% discount rate based on individual entrance fee. Half of the group’s entrance fees are required in advance.

Getting There

  • By private car
    Starting from Phra Pinklao Bridge, take Borommaratchachonnani Road (Pinklao-Nakhon Chai Si), pass Phutthamonthon Interchang and cross Nakhon Chai Si River Bridge. Continue for 3 kilometers, the entrance to the museum is located on the right side.


  • By public transportation
    • Bus: Bangkok-Nakhon Pathon (new route) air-conditioned bus leaves from Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai).
    • Van: Bangkok-Nakhon Pathom van leaves from the van terminal located next to Lotus Pinklao while Bangkok-Nakhon Chai Si van leaves from the one in front of Central Pinklao.


** Tell the driver to stop at the Thai Human Imagery Museum**

Proper for General Public


Proper for Children


Credit Card


Advanced Booking

Online reservation can be made on the museum’s website.

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