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Royal Park Rajapruek

09 May 2023

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. Royal Park Ratchaphruek is a large botanical garden located at the Royal Agricultural Research Center, Chiang Mai .Chiangmai organized the International Horticultural Exposition at the Royal Agricultural Research Centre, Chiang Mai, for His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand in celebration of the 60th Anniversary of His Majestys Accession to the Throne and His 80th Birthday Anniversary Ratchapruek 2006and 2011,An exhibition space within The Royal Pavilion, or Ho Kham Luang, exhibiting the honorary exhibition about Royal history ,His Majesty's royal duties, images and works of  King Bhumibol Adulyadej( King Rama) IX, is divided into 9 zones

Zone 1: The Archway Commemorating the Kings Greatness: This area presented a video and  photographs of His Majestys many visits to Thailands rural regions.

Zone 2.“From the Palace to the People: His Majesty established the Royal Chitralada Agricultural Projectwithin the Palace to conduct a research on various aspects of agriculture ,experimental rice fields, the breeding of Pla Nil and Pla Mor Thet (Tilapia nilptica), Dairy plant ,Biodiesel ,Spirulina ,Tilapia skin products, ect.

Zone 3.“ Kindness of His Majesty the King to the Thai People: " present the water supply for agriculture. Check Dam Project  and the royal rain-making project,

 to help farmers who suffer from drought . the Chaipattana Aerator for water treatment , he Kaem Ling” (monkey cheek) to excavate canals create reservoirs and flood water draining channels that to solve the drainage problem .All projects can greatly alleviate the suffering for Thai people .

Zone  4.“"Beautiful plants with good soil" Royal initiative on soil resource conservation without soil stripping and soil conservation by using the soil Aggravation Project and  solving the  soil erosion problems by use Vetiver Grass Project for soil and water conservation. The projects can conserve and return nature to the land including improving the environment as well.

Zone 5. "Planting forests for good life  and good conscious " His Majesty's Royal initiatives in many respects such as 3 Forests, 4 Benefits ,Wet Forest, Reforestation without Planting ,
Highland reforestation project, Reforestation project in mind and Check Dam
. All projects are facilitated good benefits to each other of nature and nature as well

Zone 6. "Eliminate drugs for the good life of the people "It is a story about the well-being of the people with a speech about the development of the lives of hill tribes .His Majesty graciously established the Royal Project Development Center to promote and encourage hill tribes to live better and help eliminate drug problems .By growing crops that are useful for opium replacement and providing knowledge about forest clearing and mistake planting , forest preservation, soil conservation  to be beneficial and sustainable .There are also the story of  Suan Song Saen , Angkhang Royal Agricultural Station and Royal Factory Deli project .

Zone 7. "Increase farmers' potential by education" The Royal initiative set up the educational development centers ,based on 6 different regions across the country, acting as "Living Natural Museum" to research experiments , seeking solutions and development, such as Huai Hong Khrai Royal Development Study Centre .

Zone 8. " Philosophy of sufficiency economy" It is the new theory that bring to success. This section is like a summary of all the projects which presents a summary of all the contents of His Majesty the King .He cared about the people and worked throughout the period of his reign for 60 years and the story of following of the royal philosophy of the sufficiency economy that brought the  happiness and a sufficient life for all groups of people

Zone 9. Exhibition of Sufficiency Economy Philosophy is presented by   videos and interview contents of people who brought and applied the sufficiency economy philosophy of His Majesty the King in daily life until they have  the better life . Mr. Rung who designed The Royal Pavilion, or Ho Kham Luang , proud himself very much . Ho Kham Luang is Thai mind center to appreciate the wisdom, perseverance and will of the King as the world's great agricultural King. Beside that Ho Kham Luang is also the heritage building of the entire Thai nation which for learning and continuing the work of Lanna art. Ho Kham Luang is new Thailand  tourist attraction both Thais and foreigners.

Management: Public organizations / public organizations, museum types: agriculture, science, medicine, technology, life and nature


Public Organization

Organization Museum

Agriculture, Science, Medical, Technology, Lifestyle And Nature.

Important / Interesting artifacts

Ho Kham Luang is a Lanna architectural building with a magnificent style, New Theory Agricultural Garden according to the royal initiative, Flower garden, Royal Garden  ,The Kingdom of tropical dome , Shaded Flower ,  Sawasdee Garden , many ancient ferns, insect world buildings, Experience live insects such as butterflies and many kinds of grasshoppers  and Orchid garden


Address And Contact Number

Mae Hia Mueang Chiang Mai Chiang Mai 50100
Telephone : 053 - 114 110
Fax : 053 - 114 196
Website : https://www.royalparkrajapruek.org/Contact
Email : rprp.cnx@gmail.com

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