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Chiangmai Zoo

26 April 2019

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The zoo was founded by Mr. Harold Mason Young, an American missionary who volunteered to teach forest survival skills to soldiers and border police during the Korean War. He started by using the house he rented, Weruwan House on the foot of Doi Suthep which belonged to Mr. Kee and Mrs. Kim Ho Nimmanahaeminda, to make a private zoo and hired indigenous people as his helping hands. Reasons for having kept animals remain unclear even if the number of animals continued to increase and became eligible to establish a private zoo. Possibly, it was the compassion he had for animals, as well as it was useful for him to study animal’s behaviours closely for which had benefited his occupation as a volunteering teacher of forest survival skills whereby encountering with animals was inevitable. 


Later in 1977, the zoo was transferred to Zoological Park Organization Under the Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King, The Prime Minister’s Office, with the aim to serve as a recreational park that residents in Chiang Mai can also study animals and as a tourist attraction. Currently, Chiang Mai Zoo is under the supervision of Zoological Park Organization Under the Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.


Government Organization

Organization Museum

Agriculture, Science, Medical, Technology, Lifestyle And Nature.

Important / Interesting artifacts

Naturally, pandas live in very cold temperatures. Chiang Mai Zoo simulated a snow town that has similar temperatures as natural habitats of pandas in China. Artificial snow falls like actual snow for pandas to comfortably dwell as if it is winter in their mother country. Beside pandas, visitors will enjoy cold temperatures that do not really exist in Thailand as a memorable experience. Explore a new adventure in the world’s longest underwater tunnel. Try Snorkeling Explorer and Scuba Explore without a trip to the sea.


Address And Contact Number

100 Huay Kaew Road, Su Thep Mueang Chiang Mai Chiang Mai 50200
Telephone : 053–221 179
Fax : 053-222 283
Website : http://www.chiangmai.zoothailand.org
Email : chiangmaizoomail@yahoo.com

Operating hours

8 am – 6 pm daily

Admission fee

Chiang Mai Zoo: Adult 150 baht; Child 70 baht (under 135 cm in height) 

Panda House: Adult 100 baht; Child 50 baht (under 135 cm in height) 

Aquarium: Adult 520 baht; Child 390 baht (under 135 cm in height)

Snow Dome: Adult 150 baht; Child 100 baht (under 135 cm in height)  

Transportation: Adult 30 baht; Child 30 baht (under 135 cm in height)

Golf cart hire: First hour: 350 baht and 300 baht for each following hour 


Getting There

Chiang Mai International Airport-Chiang Mai Zoo

1. Front Entrance 

Turn right and continue to CentralPlaza Chiang Mai Airport Intersection, opposite side of Far Eastern University. Turn left to Mahidol Road and continue until CentralPlaza Kad Suan Kaew Intersection (Boon Ruang Rit Road). Turn left and continue until Rim Kham Intersection is noticeable. Head straight to Doi Suthep on Huay Kaew Road. Chiang Mai Zoo is on the left.

2. Back Entrance  

Turn left and enter Chiang Mai Wing Division 41. Turn right and exit at Ton Payom Market. Turn left at Ton Payom Market Intersection and continue until Chiang Mai University Intersection. Keep straight until the end. The zoo sign is on the right, alongside the entrance sign (Gate 2). Turn right and follow signposts. Chiang Mai Zoo is on the right. 


Chiang Mai Arcade Bus Terminal-Chiang Mai Zoo

Turn right into Kaeo Nawarat Road until San Dek Intersection. Turn left and continue on Chiang Mai-Lampang Superhighway. Head to Rin Kham Intersection, turn right and keep straight. Continue on Huay Kaew Road. The zoo sign is on the left (Gate 1) 


Chiang Mai Chang Phueak Bus Terminal-Chiang Mai Zoo

From Chang Phueak Bus Terminal, turn left into Chang Phueak Road until Khuang Singh Intersection. Turn left into Chiang Mai-Lampang Superhighway. Continue until Rin Kham Intersection, turn right and keep straight on Huay Kaew Road. The zoo sign is on the left.   


Chiang Mai Railway Station-Chiang Mai Zoo

From the Railway Station, turn right into Charoen Muang Road and continue until Nong Prathip Intersection. Turn left into Chiang Mai-Lampang Superhighway. Turn right at Rin Kham Intersection and continue until Huay Kaew Road. The zoo sign is on the left.

Proper for General Public


Proper for Children


Credit Card


Advanced Booking

For group visit, please contact in advance at 053 221179 ext. 151,152,153 

Disability Information