Korat Minibus

Korat Minibus (two-row seat bus)

         There are many types of transportation in Korat, whether by air, by car, by bus, or by train; However (however), for a transportation inside the city of Korat, a Two-row seat bus or “Korat Minibus” is the vehicle that everyone think of, and it is one of the unique identity of Korat city. There are some talking stories(story telling) about these minibus (minibuses), such as the minibus line 1 ; the most powerful, coolest and as fast as the 'Fast and Furious'. Besides, if you take minibus in Korat and happen to sit beside the driver seat, do not talk about politics, because you may be dropped out of the bus easily by the disagreement of politics sides. All in all, It (it) is considered strange that the Korat people still keep the story talking.

         Minibuses in category 1 and 4 service within the municipality and nearby area, category 1 consists of 21 lines that service within the municipality and nearby routes.

         Each minibus is uniquely different, whether its color, plate number, and regular route of services. And there is a good news for travelers visiting Korat as the “Minibus Route map” of Korat city had been presented, as adopt from a “Korat Two-row” route map from “We Korat” group by Katriya Nanok (Picky), an Information Technology student of Faculty of Communication Arts, Suranaree University of Technology, with Dr.Sornchai Kamonlimsakul as a project consultant.


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