A Good silk

         From the provincial slogan, “A brave women city, quality silk, Mee Korat, Stone castle, Dan kwian clay”. The author leads to the story of “Silk” that renowned as “the queen of fabric”, the unique local wisdom product of Nakhon Ratchasima, the center of silk, therefore it is named “A Good silk”

         The reputation is widely known to both inside the country and abroad, from the unique characters of silk which are tight fabric, fine grain, glossy color, does not fade in washing, and when sewing with the garment, the seams do not break easily. There is a meticulous in weaving since the weaving process. With variety of designs, tinting in both natural and chemical colors, however, they are still preserve the same pattern from silk weaving, make silk a good product for oneself, souvenir, or for sale both in-country and abroad.

         The significant features which should be noticed is the unique of silk pattern that is not like other silks, as the pattern of Korat local silk contains various designs, as beautiful as other silks. The grid pattern of cloth is a large square grid, with many colors and many types of woven fabrics. The pattern of loincloth that used in every household, is similar to a grid pattern cloth, but with smaller squares. Mudmee pattern is woven by using Mudmee weaving technique. A plain silk is a silk woven in general pattern. Hang kra rok silk is one type of plain silk, but add special technique by using two silk twisted into a single line. Printed silk is a silk that printed pattern on plain silk to make new patterns. Thai Won weaving is a unique textile weaving by Thai Won villager in Si Khiu district.


Credit by :
Thidarat  Thongsakul